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Thank you for your interest in tutoring with YOUnique Minds. Please fill out the form below and email your resume to

"Working at YOUnique has been so rewarding. We get to work with such a great variety of students, and after a few months of working with YOUnique I really found my niche with my students. There are students that I am still working with now from when I started a year and a half ago because we get to develop really close relationships with some of our students. We also are given a lot of freedom in terms of communication with our families, our schedules, etc. and Amy really tailors the workload to the individual tutor which is great!"

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"I absolutely love working at YOUnique Minds. Being able to make my own hours allows me to earn extra income while still maintaining my other responsibilities. The kids make the job so rewarding and enjoyable. I look forward to my sessions and learning about my students as we work together! If you want to grow as an educator while helping others to do the same, YOUnique is the place for you!"

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"Working for YOUnique Minds has been a great opportunity. As a teacher, I am always looking to expand my knowledge and grow with the profession as it changes. YOUnique Minds has given me the opportunity to work on specific skills, and meet children who are looking to enhance their knowledge in academic content, and I often find myself learning new skills alongside with them! Having the ability to work in one on one, or small group sessions, lets the teachers focus on what is essential for the student they’re working with. Teachers are busy, so having the option to set flexible hours while still meeting the needs of families, and having the time to build relationships with the students I work with and their families has been a blessing. I recommend YOUnique Minds to anyone I know with school aged children!"

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"For the past 2 years, YOUnique Minds has given me such an awesome opportunity to work with families in my community. Being able to watch individual students grow over time has been so rewarding and helps me remember why I chose to be a teacher. Amy has made it so easy to help by giving us the freedom to choose when we work. I would highly recommend this company to any teacher wanting to help students and families in need. "

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"I love working for YOUnique minds! It is so fun working with all different ages! The flexible schedule and bi-weekly pay structure is so convenient! I would recommend this position to any teachers!"

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"I've been tutoring with YOUnique Minds Tutoring for around two years now! I've had the chance to tutor a variety of ages and subjects both in-person and online, and I've had a blast every second. I specialize in Spanish, French, and Literacy, but have experience tutoring other subjects as well!"

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